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KNIME Powers Solutions for 1000s of Teams,
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"We trained all 300 auditors in two days to become data literate and start doing the first steps in KNIME themselves and understand its potential."

Michiel Krol, Head of Audit Data Excellence, Rabobank

KNIME Supports Every Step in the Path Towards AI

KNIME Software offers the widest range of tools and techniques available for making sense of data. The single, intuitive environment supports use cases from basic data processing to machine learning, and can be used by business experts and technical teams alike.

Detecting Unknown Patterns for Anti-Money Laundering

Learn how Rabobank enabled 300 auditors to conduct anomaly detection independently.

Analytical Data Model for Banking Supervision

Perttu Korhonen shows how Qatar Financial Centre Regulatory Authority created a data model for banking supervision. The team now spends their time on analyses rather than on scrutinizing financial statements.

Building an Anti-Fraud Profiler using ML

Edgar Osuna from TODO1 Services explains how they built an anti-fraud profiler to deal with transactional fraud mitigation.

An Intuitive Interface for Simple and Complex Data Work

KNIME’s visual interface makes custom data analysis accessible to business and data experts. Simply drag-and-drop nodes onto a canvas, configure and connect them together to determine where data comes from, how it’s analyzed, and what the output is.

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⇒ Read about how data scientists can build a fraud detection system.


Automation Capabilities to Decrease Data Grunt Work

KNIME enables teams to design processes for how data is handled. In doing so, they also have the ability to automate some or all of that process. KNIME is also open, which means that it works well with any other industry standard tool, like Tableau, PowerBI, and Excel.

⇒ Read about how auditors can automate ledger & error compliance.

⇒ Read about Webbankir’s automated loan application decision making tool.

Make Each Data Analysis Auditable and Secure

KNIME documents every step that a user takes to perform their analysis. This makes any analysts’ work explainable to everyone at their desk, easily auditable and debuggable when numbers aren’t balancing out.

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⇒ Read about how compliance officers benefit from KNIME meta-data mapping.


Scale Up When You’re Ready

KNIME has been adopted by data experts and non-experts, by individuals and by teams, for pilot projects and for big data initiatives.

"KNIME’s visual drag and drop way of building a workflow, not only speeds up the work on machine learning models and processes, but it also enables non-coders to work freely and independently."

Sergey Bazov, Portfolio Manager, Webbankir

Low-Adoption Costs Minimize Change Management Complexity

KNIME Analytics Platform is free and open source, without limitations. Have as many individuals adopt the product and only pay once you’re ready to automate, collaborate, and build data apps and services.

If you’re interested in how KNIME can be used to make sense of data at your organization, get in touch with our customer care team using the form below.