KNIME for Spreadsheet Users

Maximize efficiency by automating repetitive spreadsheet tasks, improve the accuracy of your analysis, collaborate with ease, and get to insights faster with a low-code/no-code interface.

  • Eliminate repetitive and manual data manipulation with automated workflows to free up time 

  • Improve the accuracy of your data analysis and reduce the risk of introducing errors with visual workflows

  • Collaborate seamlessly with your team and with other disciplines through an intuitive low-code/no-code interface

  • Make informed decisions faster with reusable blueprints and interactive data apps

Your perfect entry point to data analytics.

Announcing early access to KNIME Analytics Platform Version 5, with Starter Perspective. The latest release comes with an updated, streamlined UI that offers a carefully selected set of features to help you jump right into data analytics. KNIME Analytics Platform Version 5 lets you ease into building workflows to prepare data quickly and efficiently with a focused set of tools that eliminate manual data wrangling effort. Take the first step in your journey towards data-driven insights today.

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Why KNIME for Spreadsheet Users

Automate repetitive tasks

Build your logic once by putting together a workflow via an intuitive, drag-and-drop interface - no need for coding. Run or rerun your workflow whenever you want to without rebuilding the whole analysis. Schedule workflows to run at the frequency you need and automatically share reports with stakeholders.

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collaborating with teams

Improve accuracy and mitigate risk

Easily view each step of the analysis process with visual workflows to quickly spot and correct errors. Ensure transparency, easier sharing and re-application of processes throughout the team with inherent visual documentation that explains each step of the analysis. Avoid unintended changes with rollback and granular permissions around workflows. 

Collaborate seamlessly across teams and disciplines

Use visual workflows from others as blueprints to start your analyses faster. Share your own visual workflows either privately or publicly with your wider organization to build a knowledge base. Collaborate effortlessly between multiple users and minimize back and forth with version control, tracking, and auditing. Scale and grow your analyses without any limitations on data size or number of users. Deploy your workflows as interactive data apps or dashboards to share your analyses with stakeholders.

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Make the most of open source powered innovation

Connect, import, and process any data source and data type and integrate scripts and workflows from other popular tools with an open source approach. Avoid vendor lock-in with the extensibility of KNIME and get the ability to adapt to changing business needs through an open platform. Capitalize on the countless, ready-made analytical workflows and solutions from the KNIME Community Hub and gradually upskill to do far more with your data than you can do in spreadsheets - including advanced analysis and machine learning.

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