Analytics for Healthcare Professionals

Intervene earlier, personalize care, and improve patient safety through faster, more accurate diagnoses and better treatment planning based on data-driven insight.

KNIME Powers Healthcare with Data Science



  • Combine clinical and patient data and protect patient health with more accurate diagnoses

  • Improve the quality of patient care through faster insights into patient health

  • Ensure patient health data privacy with auditable processes, automation, and on-time reporting

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Increasing speed to insights with enhanced patient data.

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Getting actionable information to doctors & patients fast.

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Improving medical solutions, security & auditing compliance.

"We want to bring the analytics to the data and not the other way around. With KNIME we can easily share the ‘recipe’ that contains all the steps they need to run their analysis. And then they can do it on their own. That’s huge."

Sebastien Lefebvre, Senior Director of Data Sciences, Genetics, and Bioinformatics at Alexion Pharmaceuticals

Why KNIME for Healthcare

Sophisticated Analytics, Intuitive Interface

Sophisticated Analytics, Intuitive Interface

Healthcare professionals need a tool that can perform complex operations while being simple to use for all stakeholders. KNIME’s intuitive interface enables medical practitioners through to healthcare administrators to make sense of their data without needing to code. At the same time, ease of use does not compromise functionality. Data scientists and more advanced technical users can model in the environment or tool of their choice through integrations with AI/ ML libraries, and scripting languages like Python, R and more.

Enterprise-scale Data Privacy and Security

KNIME’s secure, consistent environment respects patient health data privacy while making the data accessible enough to give professionals what they need. Security and control is addressed by native KNIME functions such as versioning, tracking, and mapping metadata, while data privacy and security can be controlled through a centralized administration. Healthcare professionals can collaborate and share work and expand the use of analytics across teams within a secure platform.

Enterprise-scale Data Privacy and Security
A Complete Data Science Platform

A Complete Data Science Platform

When healthcare data is not easily collected and merged this can result in missing data. Missing data can lead to incorrect treatment decisions compromising the patient’s condition. In KNIME, everything from collecting data, through to applying novel and highly advanced AI-based algorithms on big datasets and production can be handled with the most complete analytical platform possible. Healthcare organizations can design models, test, validate, and automatically deploy them continuously for end-to-end data science life cycle support.


In research, to discover and develop medical solutions, labs need a software platform flexible enough to enable innovation by seamlessly integrating new or improved algorithms. KNIME’s open-source approach keeps teams on the bleeding edge of modern data science. No vendor-developed tool can keep pace with the innovation driven by an active open-source user community.

Marcel Meyer from SIEMENS Healthineers

Hear how the SIEMENS data team accelerated building data pipelines and empowered self-sufficient custom dashboard development with KNIME

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