KNIME Analytics Platform

KNIME® Analytics Platform is the leading open solution for data-driven innovation, helping you discover the potential hidden in your data, mine for fresh insights, or predict new futures.

Our enterprise-grade, open source platform is fast to deploy, easy to scale and intuitive to learn.

With more than 1000 modules, hundreds of ready-to-run examples, a comprehensive range of integrated tools, and the widest choice of advanced algorithms available, KNIME Analytics Platform is the perfect toolbox for any data scientist. Our steady course on unrestricted open source is your passport to a global community of data scientists, their expertise, and their active contributions.

Open source? Yes. KNIME strongly believes that the platform needs to be open source and free. Find out why.

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Extending KNIME Analytics Platform

The full featured, unrestricted, open source, and free KNIME Analytics Platform is the perfect environment for unleashing the potential of a single data scientist.

When you are ready to take your analytics to the next level, KNIME software extends those capabilities with commercial extensions to enhance collaboration, performance, and productivity.

Whatever you need from your data, KNIME Commercial software can take you there..



Need to coordinate with your team?

KNIME Collaboration Extensions
are built to scale from small workgroups to worldwide enterprises.

  • KNIME TeamSpace:
    Enables groups to share data, nodes, and workflows.
  • KNIME Server Lite:
    Builds on TeamSpace to add authentication & user rights, remote, and scheduled execution.
  • KNIME WebPortal:
    Extends Server Lite with publishing and workflow access in a web browser.
  • KNIME Server:
    Our flagship collaboration product, adding web services, workflow versioning, and commercial support to all of the features listed above.
  • KNIME Cloud Server:
    The power of KNIME Server taken to the cloud, eliminating the need for on-premise installation or maintenance.



Need more horsepower for your serious analytics challenges?

KNIME Performance Extensions
parallelize and distribute compute tasks for the most compute-intensive and large-scale analytics problems.


  • KNIME Spark Executor:
    Provides efficient distributed computing of KNIME analytics workflows across Apache Spark deployments.
  • KNIME Cluster Executor: Enables distributed computing on Oracle Grid Engine clusters.

All KNIME Performance Extensions integrate smoothly with KNIME Server.



Need to streamline routine tasks?

  • KNIME Personal Productivity:
    A basket of capabilities to accelerate your productivity with KNIME Analytics Platform, including workflow change analysis and node linking.  
    Note:  These capabilities have been moved to the KNIME Analytics Platform and are now open source and free.  


Community & Partner Extensions

KNIME Community and Partners create and contribute extensions, from broadly useful modules to domain-specific solutions solving pressing problems for specialists.


KNIME Community and 3rd Party Extensions

In addition to KNIME software extensions, there is a large ecosystem of Community and 3rd party extensions to KNIME Analytics Platform.

Your Contribution

You can package your own code into KNIME by using the KNIME SDK environment. And while you are at it, consider contributing it to the KNIME community by contacting us!