Productivity Extension

The Productivity Extension turns individual data scientists into power-users of KNIME Analytics Platform.

Metanode Linking

Being able to build and reuse portions of workflows and metanodes is a key feature of KNIME. It is extremely easy to simply copy something within or across workflows - until you need to change or maintain that sequence! That’s when you notice that finding all the places instances in which you have already used that metanode or workflow snippet can be time consuming and frustrating.

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KNIME LocalSpace Repository sits on your local machine providing you with a repository for checking in metanodes. After you have checked in a metanode, you can drag and drop or copy and paste that metanode into your workflows as many times as you like. KNIME keeps a link of that copy. Now, whenever the repository metanode is updated or a new version is checked in, every instantiation of that copy can be automatically updated based on your setting! A fantastic time saver for you, the KNIME user.

Another feature of KNIME LocalSpace Repository is that it allows metanodes and workflows as wells as data files to be shared; they can be conveniently used in the workflow by simple drag and drop.

Local Automation

Local Automation enables the Call Workflow nodes to be included and parameterized in any workflow. This allows creation of reusable workflows, adding another layer of flexibility to your toolkit.


Data and parameters may be passed to the workflow as JSON via Quickform nodes in KNIME Analytics Platform. A similar feature is available for remote execution with KNIME Server.

This extension also includes an enhanced batch executor, which offers more parameterization and the ability to save reports automatically in PDF, Word, PowerPoint, and other formats.

Workflow Difference

Manual identification and comparison of workflows can be time consuming and laborious.

Workflow Difference automates this task by applying a matching algorithm to analyze and identify insertions, deletions, substitutions, and parameter changes among nodes and workflows. Whether they are different versions, changes by a co-worker, or you simply want to ensure against accidental changes, Workflow Difference makes comparisons easy.

Within KNIME Analytics Platform, selecting two individual nodes in a workflow and choosing “compare” creates a view showing highlighted parameters side-by-side for easy comparison. Metanodes may be compared in the same way to find changes in settings among groups of nodes. Selecting two workflows in the KNIME Explorer window and choosing “compare” creates a view that lists all nodes, highlights changes among those nodes, and allows drilling down into the parameters of each node.

Our productivity features enable effortless comparison of nodes and workflows using the Workflow Difference capability.




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