Schrödinger provides accurate, reliable, and high performance computational technology to solve real-world problems in pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and materials science research.

Schrödinger's complete suite of drug design software addresses the challenges in pharmaceutical research from lead discovery to lead optimization. In addition, Schrödinger's Jaguar and MacroModel are venerable general modeling tools that are applicable across all areas of chemical research.


Infocom Corporation offers a wide range of IT services and solutions for the life science market in Japan with more than 20 years of experience. INFOCOM's software solutions include Drug Design, ADMET, Data Mining, Statistical Analysis, Proteome, and Genome analysis. For use with the KNIME open source workflow platform, INFOCOM plans to release novel KNIME nodes incorporating INFOCOM's proprietary software and other third party software technologies. In February 2008, INFOCOM released its "JChem Extensions" which empowers researchers to work with chemical structure data using ChemAxon's software tools and the KNIME platform.


The Tripos Chemistry Extensions (TCE) package complements KNIME's existing capabilities by providing the Life Sciences industry with access to many important cheminformatics tools, including tools that are used to visualize and transform molecular structures, compute molecular properties, and search for functional groups. In addition, many separately licensable SYBYL tools are also made accessible via the TCE package. Tripos provides support not only for the TCE package and the Tripos technologies embedded within, but Tripos also provides support options for the KNIME platform itself.

Tripos, a Certara Company, is a global leader in innovative scientific solutions enabling life science researchers to improve the efficiency of molecular discovery. Established in 1979, Tripos was the first company to bring scientific computational drug discovery capabilities to the pharmaceutical, chemical and food design industries, and today helps a broad range of companies and research facilities accelerate the identification and optimization of new compounds that have the potential to become marketed drugs, foods, flavorings and fragrances. Headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri, Tripos serves more than 1,000 customers spanning over 46 countries.


Symyx Technologies, Inc. enables global leaders in life sciences, chemicals and energy, and consumer and industrial products to optimize and accelerate their scientific research and development. Symyx software, tools, and research services enable scientists to design, execute, analyze, and report experimental results faster, easier, and less expensively.

The Symyx Chemistry Extensions enhance KNIME's open-source, no-fee data pipelining software with Symyx's high-value, industry-leading chemistry capabilities. This enables R&D organizations to deliver low-cost, agile chemistry extensions and services supporting scientific workflows.


Soluzione Informatiche
Soluzione Informatiche's(S-IN) mission is to partner with their customers in order to carry out specific R&D projects by providing state-of-the-art software solutions and, even more important, well-trained professionals with a longtime experience in cheminformatics, infometrics and bioinformatics. Their services include: Consultancy, Contracted Research, Training, Software Distribution, Software Development, and Hardware. S-IN personnel attend national and international conferences and meetings: they give oral communications or poster sessions, and appear as authors or co-authors on several articles published on renowned international journals.



ChemAxon is a leader in providing chemical software development platforms for the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries. By focusing upon active interaction with users and core portability, ChemAxon creates leading edge cross platform solutions to power modern cheminformatics and chemical communication. We keep adopting new technologies as a response to the changing requirements of the market. Decisions about technology and features are based on user feedback. This market driven attitude has provided continuous growth and stability to the company.


Zementis, Inc. is a software company focused on predictive analytics and advanced Enterprise Decision Management technology. We combine science and software to create superior business and industrial solutions for our clients. Our scientific expertise includes statistical algorithms, machine learning, neural networks, and intelligent systems and our scientists have a proven record in producing effective predictive models to extract hidden patterns from a variety of data types. It is complemented by our product offering ADAPA®, a decision engine framework for real-time execution of predictive models and rules. For more information please visit


Treweren Consultants is a small specialist software company that focuses on innovative drug discovery capabilities mainly using pharmacophore technology which has been widely used in Internet distributed computing projects. Its THINK software has been integrated into KNIME enabling easy creation and use of workflows for de novo derivative generation, structure-based virtual screening (docking) and searching for novel actives using pharmacophores with volume contraints.


Molecular Discovery Ltd. is run by Professor Gabriele Cruciani, and is widely recognized as the scientific leader in applying Molecular Interaction Fields and Chemometrics to pharmaceutical discovery. Molecular Interaction Fields from Molecular Discovery's GRID software were the first example of successfully applying rational design to drug discovery. Application of GRID Molecular Interaction Fields has been expanded to many areas of discovery, and Molecular Discovery is making several of these products available on the KNIME platform. These include automatic pKa modeling and prediction with MoKa, structure and ligand-based scaffold-hopping with SHOP, pharmacokinetic property optimization with VolSurf+, and also metabolic stability optimization and metabolite prediction with MetaSite. Molecular Discovery software is used by hundreds of scientists all over the world and is available for Windows and Linux systems. Please contact sales[at]moldiscovery[dot]com for more information.

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