Common Type Files

Table Reader

These two Table Reader nodes read .table formatted files. .table is a KNIME proprietary format optimized for speed and file size. The first Table reader node on the left reads the file using an absolute path and the standard file:// protocol. The second Table Reader node on the right reads the same file using a relative path and the knime:// protocol.

Reading Excel Files

This workflow demonstrates how to read an XLS file using the XLS Reader node. It contains 3 workflows. The goal of each workflow is to read accounting data from a restaurant business for all months in 2016 and to calculate the total revenues for each month. 1. All accounting data are stored in one sheet of a single Excel file. One single Excel Reader node is enough to read all data. 2. Workflow 2 reads data from all sheets in an Excel file using the Read Excel Sheet Names node, a loop, and the Excel Reader node 3.

Google Sheet-meets-Excel

Accounting Sheets for a Restaurant Business. In 2016 an Excel File was used. In 2017 a Google Sheet was used. Now we want to compare the monthly and YTD revenues for both years. Will Excel Sheets and Google Sheets blend? Excel sheet is accessed via an Excel Reader node; Google sheet via the new Google Sheets nodes available with KNIME Analytics Platform 3.5. This workflow demonstrates an example of access to both a public (no authorization required) or a private (OAuth2 authorization required) Google Sheet document. All you need is a Google account which has an access to the document. ...

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