Bug Reporting Best Practices

In order to speed up finding a solution for an issue, we kindly ask you to provide the following details when reporting a bug:

  •  The operating system and version you are using (e.g. Windows 10, macOS 10.13.4, Ubuntu 16.04.3, ...)
  • The version of KNIME Analytics Platform and relevant extensions are you using.
    • Go to Help > About KNIME Analytics Platform and click Installation Details
    • Type KNIME Analytics Platform in the filter text field
    • Right click on KNIME Analytics Platform and select Copy (which will copy the details into your clipboard)
    • Paste the information into your bug report
    • Repeat the procedure for Extensions
  • Provide a minimal workflow (see below) that reproduces the issue
  • If you see an error in the Console, you can open the KNIME log via View > Open KNIME log or open the log file located at {workspace_directory}/.metadata/knime/knime.log and provide additional information from the log
  • Generate a stack trace if you are asked by one of the developers (e.g. if you experience deadlocks etc):
    • Download VisualVM
    • Start VisualVM and look for a Local Application in the Applications Window
    • Right click on it and select Thread Dump (or Heap Dump depending on which is requested from you)
    • Use File > Save As… to save it to a file
    • Upload the file to your report (via drag and drop)

You can find additional information in our Frequently Asked Questions.

Minimal workflow

A minimal workflow contains as little nodes (and data) as possible to reproduce the issue that you’re reporting. You typically start either with the Table Creator node or any other of our Data Generation nodes to simulate some artificial data (so that you don’t have to upload your data). You can use the Table Creator to copy and paste data from your original data source node. If you have to provide additional data files, please store them into the workflow and reference them with a knime://knime.workflow URL in any node configuration.


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