Installation Instructions

Commercial extensions to the KNIME Analytics Platform require a license to operate.

After you have purchased such a license in the KNIME Store, you can install the license in your KNIME installation directory (one installation only and it may not be a shared installation) and then use these commercial extensions for the period purchased.

We highly recommend that you download or update to the latest version of KNIME before you install the license.

Please note: For the installation process described here you need a working internet connection. (If you are behind a proxy server it must allow an https connection to port 443 of's license server.)
Your license is personalized and associated with the username you used to make the purchase. In order to generate your license, your KNIME username, the MAC address of your computer, and a generated ID is submitted to the KNIME license server, when you click the "Check for new licenses" button (see below). 

Installing the Node Extensions

Before you can use the commercial nodes in KNIME, you need to install them:
Start the KNIME Analytics Platform (as a user that has write permission to the installation directory!). Go to the "File" menu and select "Install KNIME Extensions...". Select the module(s) you want to install and complete the installation wizard. (If no extensions from the store show up, please enable the corresponding update site.) 


When you have finished installing the new modules successfully, KNIME restarts automatically.

Downloading the Purchased License

To get your purchased licenses into KNIME, make sure you are running KNIME Analytics Platform from the installation to which you want to add the license. Go to the "View" menu and select "Other...". Then select the "Licenses" view in the KNIME Views category:


Open the KNIME Licenses View from the View->Other... menu

In the new view window (which usually opens at the lower right of the KNIME application window)


enter your login name and password that you used at the KNIME store to purchase your license (usually your KNIME Forum account). If you click "Check for new licenses" it will connect to the store license server and download all licenses that are available (and not yet used up).

In the Licenses view, you always see all of the KNIME licenses available for this installation:


It also shows any expired licenses or warns you if a license is going to expire soon. If you expand a license entry, you can see the details such as expiration date, store user, etc.

If for any reason the installation fails, please contact us


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