Will They Blend? The Blog Post Collection


Data blending is a very big part of the sexiest job of the 21st century, including data source blending, data type blending, database blending, time blending , and tool blending. In order to help with all specific blending requests, in November 2016 we started a blog post series with title “Will they blend?”. Each post would face a blending challenge and offer a solution.

All blog posts from the series have now been collected in this book, covering a number of database flavors, R and Python, REST APIs and plain text files, Shakespeare epub files and images, Microsoft word and web crawling, and many more blending challenges. If you want to know if your data source - or format or tool - is covered in the book, just scroll down to the Topic Index. It is probably there. If it is not, just wait for the next book revision. We will add more posts as soon as they become available.

I hope you will enjoy our blending stories as much as we did!

No previous knowledge of KNIME is required.

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The book is provided free of charge.

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