Node Store License

The legal foundation of your purchase in the KNIME Store is the PDF document with the Terms for License of Software Modules together with the product description on our website.

On this page we describe the intent of the legal document and its paragraphs. However, this page here is not legally binding. When you place an order in the store, you accept the terms and conditions in the document above. In case of doubt, discrepancies or contradictions the PDF document prevails.

When you purchase a license in our online store (or redeem a promotion code) you accept the Terms for License of Software Modules and they come into effect (§2 in the PDF).

In the KNIME Store you purchase a license to use the selected product for a limited time with your personal KNIME Analytics Platform installation - you cannot use the purchased modules on the KNIME Server and you may not make them available to others (§3 - §5).

The functionality of the modules you purchase is described in the product sheets available on our website. If you find any non-conformities or a bug, please inform us. You are entitled to new versions and bug fixes when they become available as long as you have a valid license for a product. But we cannot guarantee that the modules behave as you expect, are without bugs or that you can use them for a specific task or purpose. We are also not liable for any damage (loss of data, for example) that is caused by the product (§6).

Once the license you have purchased has expired, you must either stop using the software modules, or you can purchase a new license if you would like to continue using the module with KNIME (§7).

We do not sell your personal information to others. We need to store your information to fulfill this contract and we may send you a note when your license expires or a new version becomes available, or about KNIME related news and events (§8). 

We hope that we can always find a solution in the event of a disagreement, but if not, we dispute based on Swiss law and the court of jurisdiction is Zurich, Switzerland (§9).

Please take the time to re-read the only legally binding document that you are accepting during the purchase.

If you require different license terms (e.g. for a shared installation or a corporate setup), please contact us at


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