Node Guide guidelines

All our Node Guide workflows are put together according to these guidelines. Please feel free to use our workflows as a reference and refer to these guidelines as an aid to your work.

Server Structure

  • All Community Projects are given one subfolder in 99_Community
  • All partner projects get one subfolder in 11_Partners
  • Only those workflows on the top level of this subfolder can be seen online in the Node Guide
  • If you don't want to have workflows included in the Node Guide, start them with an underline (_)

Naming Conventions

Category (workflow group) and workflow name must always start with a number prefix, i.e. a 2-digit number plus an underscore character, e.g. “14_”, “96_”, “04_”. The prefix is cut off when the workflow is published.

Use human readable names. NO: “CommonFileTypes”. YES: “Common_File_Types”.

Use underscores instead of spaces. When publishing on the web site, they are converted into spaces automatically.

In names use only letters, digits, underscores and dashes. 


  • 01_Input_output
    • 02_Databases
      • 01_MySQL_Connector
      • 02_Example_for_basic_Database_Reading


  • Use standard annotations (standard color and border with)
  • Use a 20x20 grid
  • The topmost annotation contains the title (bold) and a short description
    (align 20px from the left and ~40px from the top to allow for “this is a temporary workflow”... textbox)
  • If your workflow requires data:
    • Files that are required: reference via knime://knime.workflow/data
      • The files must be in a folder data, which is inside your workflow on your harddisk
    • For small artificial data, avoid “Data Generator” => Use Table Creator
    • Use small(!) UCI data
    • Use modular data generator nodes (but collapse into a Metanode!)
    • Reset workflow before uploading
    • Linux users: ask Windows users to download and execute the workflow
    • Windows users: ask Linux users to download and execute the workflow
  • Workflows should be a maximum of 8-10 nodes wide.

Workflow Meta Information

Each workflow must have properly formed meta information.

Author: <your name/company name and contact e-mail address>



see below what you can put at the last lines (blog, video, url or tag)

line 1 will appear on the website as an entry in the TOC and in bold at the top of the page.
line 2 should be kept empty
lines 3+ will appear under the title on the page.

Insert line-breaks in descriptions only when really needed – do not insert a line break simply because the horizontal scroll bar has appeared (it will not be there in view mode and on the web automatically).

Add optional links (0 to >1 times):

  • BLOG: Title title title <link to a blog site with more details>
  • VIDEO: Title title title <link to short(!) YouTube video>
  • URL: Title title title <link to additional information>
  • TAG: tag, another tag, one more tag


URL: KNIME Homepage
VIDEO: How do you say “KNIME”
TAG: database, machine learning, regression

Please note that angle brackets may not be kept (they are only used here show where links or titles go).

Whenevery possible always provide the title for the blog, url or video (otherwise users will see the link itself, which will not look so attractive).

Tags are comma-separated values. So in  “… , machine learning, …” “machine learning” will be considered as a single tag, not two.


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