KNIME Analytics Platform version 2.12.2 and 3.0.1 now available.

KNIME Analytics Platform 2.12.2 and 3.0.1 have been released, providing some minor bug-fixes, including a fix for a potential side effect of the KNIME software installer in version 3.0.  Check out the respective changelogs (2.12.2 and 3.0.1). You can try it out for yourself by updating your existing KNIME installation using the "Update KNIME..." action in the "File" menu or downloading it.

KNIME at Predictive Analytics World, Berlin - November 2015

Berlin, 3-4 November 2015: KNIME is at Predictive Analytics World, Berlin. Come and meet us at Estrel Hotel Berlin at stand no. 6 & 7 which we are sharing with Dymatrix.

PAW is the leading specialist conference for application-oriented predictive analytics. This is where users, decision makers and experts meet to be informed about and inspired by the latest insights and advancements.

New KNIME Office Opens in Konstanz - October 2015


Konstanz, Germany—October, 2015:  After months of perfecting our “Office-Analysis” workflow, which included a lot of feature selection, tricky decision trees and parameter optimization, we are very happy to announce that as of October 1 we have opened a new office in Konstanz, South Germany. October 5 was our office warming party. Thanks go to Stephanie for the special KNIME cake!