KDD 2010 - The New Iris Data : Modular Data Generators

Iris Adä is introducing a modular, highly flexible, open-source environment for data generation at the KDD 2010 in Washington DC.

Using KNIME, the user can combine various types of modules for numeric and categorical data generators. Additional functionality is added via the data processing framework in which the generator modules are embedded. The resulting data flows can be used to document, deploy, and reuse the resulting data generators.

Details can be found here.

S-IN Soluzioni Informatiche and KNIME sign exclusive distributor agreement for KNIME.com enterprise products in Italy

VICENZA, ITALY and ZURICH, SWITZERLAND – April 23, 2010 – KNIME.com (www.KNIME.com), the company behind KNIME, the comprehensive open-source data integration and analytics platform, announced today that it has signed an exclusive distribution agreement for Italy with S-IN Soluzioni Informatiche (www.s-in.it). Under the agreement, S-IN Soluzioni Informatiche, an Italian company that supplies customised computer-assisted solutions in chemistry-related frameworks, will provide support for KNIME in addition to the exclusive support and distribution of the KNIME enterprise products. These products include KNIME Server, KNIME Cluster Execution, and KNIME Report Server.
The KNIME platform provides a modular and flexible environment to visually create data flows and integrate, transform and analyze large and heterogeneous data sets. In the life science market, KNIME has gained a strong reputation as a reliable and scalable integration backbone for third-party tools.