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Making sense of data requires sophisticated modeling and visualization techniques. Modern analytics now also encompasses machine learning and artificial intelligence. However, to solve certain problems, you still want to be able to reach out to the classic statistical analysis and data mining methods. That’s why we continually add both bleeding edge algorithms and well established analytics and visualization methods to KNIME Software. Together with our R and Python integrations, plus integrations with other large, open source projects, you have the freedom to mix and match the tools you like, within one uniform environment.

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The freedom to use the tools you like

KNIME Software covers all kinds of data analytics functionality - for example classification, regression, dimension reduction, or clustering, using advanced algorithms including deep learning, tree-based methods, and logistic regression. Among these, are integrations with other large, open source projects such as Keras or Tensorflow for deep learning, H2O for high performance machine learning, R and Python for coding, and various implementations for model interpretability and validation.

Retain quality and accuracy in your analytics

Build high quality models and visualizations your business can rely on. KNIME Analytics Platform ensures that everything happening to your data is explainable - including where it comes from, what has been done to it, what modeling approaches have been used, and more. This makes it easier to retain accuracy, it makes model maintenance straightforward, and (because it does happen), it makes things easier to fix when they go wrong. The right data is always available to the right people at the right time because everything is documented in one visual framework.

Spend your time where it makes the most impact

KNIME Software enables you to make an impact faster and reduces the need to always start from scratch. Use workflows from others as blueprints and inspiration for your own work. Utilize prebuilt components for feature engineering and selection, hyperparameter optimization, model interpretability, and more to automate the boring pieces and enable fast prototyping and testing. Share workflows and components with your colleagues via KNIME Server, or with the KNIME community via the KNIME Hub - giving them a head start on their own data science challenge.

Easily deploy and scale your work

From integrations with Apache Spark for big data processing, to KNIME Server distributed executors for handling concurrent workflow execution, KNIME Software ensures data science is created and deployed quickly and efficiently. Deploy your workflows as Web Applications  or REST services without a single line of code, giving you more time to spend on data science.

Download the free, open source KNIME Analytics Platform, and get started on building your first data science workflow.

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