MLOps with KNIME and AWS

Combining the power and elasticity of AWS services with the intuitive no-code functionality of KNIME, any analytics team can quickly construct, modernize or orchestrate their ML Operations.

“With these two software platforms, KNIME Software covers the entire data science cycle. No additional add-ons or plugins needed.” - Jim Falgout, KNIME.

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Example: Controlling AI/ML Services from within KNIME

This workflow builds a recommendation model using the Amazon Personalize web services. It uses the movielens dataset which contains information about users, movies (items) and interactions of users with movies, i.e., which user has watched which movie at which time and how did he or she rate that movie.

Note: You need to have AWS credentials and authenticate with the Amazon Authentication node in order to use the Amazon Personalize nodes.


Explore all KNIME Software available via the AWS Marketplace including PAYG, BYOL, and Model Packages fulfilled on Amazon SageMaker.

KNIME Server - Scale your MLOps on AWS


Utilizing KNIME Server Large, data scientists are able to leverage distributed execution to ensure high availability and greater scalability to meet business requirements.



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