Under the name of KNIME Press we are releasing a series of books about how KNIME is used. The authors are experienced KNIME users and the content of the books reflects a collection of their knowledge gathered by implementing numerous real world data mining and reporting solutions within the KNIME environment. These books will help you to use KNIME more successfully and more efficiently - and they are fun to read.

The KNIME Press series will cover areas such as an introduction to KNIME and KNIME reporting, advanced usage of KNIME, and special use cases of KNIME in the CRM and BI fields.


The books from the KNIME Press series are not available as printed copies. You can download each book as a personalized PDF file and read it on any of your favorite devices that support the display of PDF documents. 

List of available books

The first books of the KNIME Press series are already available. Click on the title of the book to see a description of the content and to get a preview of the book.

Will They Blend? Data Blending with KNIME - 2nd Edition

Will They Blend? The Blog Post Collection - Second Edition edited by Rosaria Silipo & Lada Rudnitckaia  


Beginner's Luck written by Rosaria Silipo    


KNIME Advanced Luck written by Rosaria Silipo and Jeanette Prinz


From Words to Wisdom written by Vincenzo Tursi and Rosaria Silipo


Practicing Data Science: A Collection of Case Studies edited by Rosaria Silipo


From SAS to KNIME written by Rosaria Silipo


From Excel to KNIME written by Kathrin Melcher


From Alteryx to KNIME written by Corey Weisinger