KNIME TeamSpace

KNIME® Analytics Platform can now be used in a team to share work with all team members. KNIME users can benefit from the efforts of all the other co-workers by keeping data files together with data analysis workflows in one central, shared place. Also metanodes can be used as a reference to the centrally stored version by all team members in their local workflows. Take a closer look at KNIME TeamSpace – the extension to KNIME Analytics Platform for sharing your work.

KNIME Team Space Diagramm


KNIME TeamSpace extends your open source data analytics platform and delivers maintainable, shareable functionality for your professional usage of KNIME.

KNIME TeamSpace Features

  • Shared workflow repository
  • Shared data space
  • Shared metanodes

KNIME TeamSpace is a commercial extension to the open source KNIME Analytics Platform. And – as with all KNIME AG commercial extensions – part of your license fee funds the continued development of open source KNIME.

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