KNIME WebPortal

Deploy KNIME workflows as interactive, browser based data apps.

The KNIME WebPortal allows data scientists to deploy their workflows as interactive, browser based data apps. The KNIME WebPortal is a feature of the commercial KNIME Server that takes a KNIME workflow containing widget and visualization nodes and automatically creates a browser based data application.

Users of KNIME Analytics Platform focus on designing data science visualizations as well as Guided Analytics and Guided Automation applications without writing complex code. KNIME Server then automatically delivers the results as web applications to the KNIME WebPortal - exposing analysts and subject matter experts to just the right amount of complexity.

The KNIME WebPortal features include:

  • Web application server deployed as part of KNIME Server

  • Support for standard web browsers

  • Role based access, control, and security all managed by KNIME Server

A major benefit of the KNIME WebPortal is efficiency and speed in deploying Guided Analytics and Guided Automation. Data apps for a wide range of business analytics can be quickly deployed with centralized IT management.

Deploying Browser Based Data Apps with KNIME Software

Visual Layout Editor (part of KNIME Analytics Platform)

The Visual Layout Editor enables data scientists to drag and drop widget and view components in order to define the web page layout and application content. This code-free method makes creating and adjusting layouts simple.


Workflow Repository (part of KNIME Server)

The KNIME Server Workflow Repository makes finding and sharing workflows and nodes simple and secure. Data science teams get a collaboration service that provides visibility, access control, and management of workflows, nodes, and data.

New buttons with KNIME Server

Data Visualization (part of KNIME Analytics Platform)

With visualization and widget nodes from KNIME Analytics Platform, you can produce standard views on data such as bar charts, line plots, scatter plots, parallel coordinates, and many more. These views can communicate with each other, allowing filtering and selection to propagate between views. Customization options allow the look and feel of the plots to be changed. And, if your favorite chart isn’t available, you can use the Generic JavaScript node to create your own.


Guided Analytics

KNIME Analytics Platform and the KNIME WebPortal provide development functionality and deployment services for Guided Analytics applications. Data scientists, developers, and DevOps staff are provided with a complete platform for productionizing interactive, analytical business data apps.


Reach out to our Customer Care team to learn more about how KNIME WebPortal can support your data projects and challenges.