KNIME Server Large is Now Available on AWS

Enterprise-scale data science– without enterprise-scale IT overhead



Get KNIME Server on AWS
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Combine the Power of KNIME Software with Flexible Cloud Infrastructure

Choose to take advantage of cloud computing resources as needed (and only pay for what you use).

Blend and execute on any amount of data in KNIME with cloud elastic scaling.

Explore and visualize your data in KNIME’s intuitive visual programming environment.

Leverage KNIME’s in-database processing capabilities to keep CPU usage down.

Share workflows and collaborate with colleagues with KNIME Server.

Automate your data science processes, with the option to offload execution from your laptop to a well-provisioned cloud instance.

The Details

KNIME Server Larger works with KNIME (PAYG) executors, which allow for the flexible scaling of execution resources – scale out your execution capacity in times of increased demand, and scale in again afterwards to only pay for what you need. Also find on-demand usage of special-purpose Executors, e.g. GPU-based for model training.

Cost: $19.75 (USD) per hour. The pay-as-you-go (PAYG) license, can be stopped and resumed at any time. There’s no minimum contract length, and no license cost while the instance is not running.

Users: 10 users included.

What’s Included: Includes one pre configured Executor and four cores for execution. Add more execution resources through KNIME Executors (PAYG).

Get KNIME Server on AWS

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