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This page contains downloads for the KNIME products that were released as part of the KNIME Server version 4.8.4 in February 2020 and KNIME Analytics Platform version 3.7.2 in April 2019. See our What's New page for an overview of the improvements, or see the Analytics Platform changelog for the full list of changes, the KNIME Server changelog is at the bottom of this page.

The KNIME Server section of the KNIME forum is accessible here.

KNIME Server

The current version of KNIME Server is 4.8.4. This update site includes all bug fix releases of the 4.8 line and the latest 3.9 KNIME TeamSpace release. The update site includes the server connector (ServerSpace) and the extensions for the workflow executor.

Customers with a 'legacy' KNIME Server, WebPortal, Server Lite license may need a new license file in order to use all of the functionality that you have licensed. To determine whether you have a legacy license, you can inspect the license file in a text editor, if the version is <= 20160503 then you have a legacy license file and should contact your KNIME Account Manager before proceeding with the upgrade.


All documentation for KNIME Server can be found here.

Server installation

Server upgrades

For updates to 4.8.x from 4.7.x or 4.6.x follow the instructions in the Server Release Notes and Update Guide. For updates from 4.5.x you will in addition need to check the changes to configurations in the 4.6 update guide document.

For updates from older KNIME Server versions you should use the installer and choose the existing workflow repository at install time. For 0.0.x updates on the 4.8 release line, you may also follow the instructions in the Server Release Notes and Update Guide.


Supplementary functionality

Administrator Manuals

End-user Manuals

KNIME Server update site

  • All KNIME Server updates are contained in the Analytics Platform update site (see below).


KNIME Server Executor

It's possible to use the KNIME Server installer to install the KNIME Server Executor, although in some cases it may be more convenient to use the stand-alone packages.

The current version of KNIME Server Executor is 3.7.2.


  • KNIME Server Executor version for 64bit Linux


The update site contains all bug fix release for the 3.7 line.


KNIME Analytics Platform

The current version of KNIME Analytics Platform is 3.7.2. The software can be found on the download page.


KNIME TeamSpace

The current version of KNIME TeamSpace is 3.9.0. Further documentation is available here:


KNIME Cluster Execution

The current version of KNIME Cluster Execution (SGE) is 1.5.0


KNIME Big Data Extensions

Current versions:

  • KNIME Big Data Connectors: 3.7.2

  • KNIME Extension for Apache Spark: 2.4.2

  • Spark Job Server:

    • (for Apache Spark 1.x)

    • (for Apache Spark 2.x)

You need to install the following:

  • Extensions to KNIME Analytics Platform:

    • KNIME Big Data Connectors

    • KNIME Extension for Apache Spark

  • On your Hadoop cluster: Apache Livy, or Spark Jobserver (deprecated)

Documentation and download links:



KNIME Server 4.8.4 (released February 5, 2020)

Bug Fixes:

  • SRV-2857 - Java 8u242 breaks execution with RMI executors

KNIME Server 4.8.3 (released September 6, 2019)

Bug Fixes:

  • SRV-2202 - Timeout when loading workflow if distributed executor is started too long after server

  • SRV-2561 - Wrong job input not reported on distributed executors

  • SRV-2475 - WebPortal jobs incorrectly restored by distributed executor

  • SRV-2244 - Race condition in status update handling of distributed executors

  • SRV-2230 - File Download node does not work in WebPortal with KNIME Server Small license

  • SRV-2383 - Attempt to move an item onto itself results in deletion

  • SRV-2385 - Shown snapshot comment cut off after first line on macOS

  • SRV-2469 - REST Explorer: Incorrect cache update yields errors when copying/moving workflows and workflow groups

  • SRV-2484 - Cannot change root context for mount-points in the KNIME Explorer

  • SRV-2240 - Inherit permissions flag not set when opening permission dialog

  • SRV-2530 - REST API not accessible when running behind frontend proxy in some configurations

  • SRV-2353 - Server version shown on WebPortal login page even if setting to hide is active

  • SRV-2547 - Ghost Jobs on KNIME Server

KNIME Server 4.8.2 (released April 20, 2019)

Bug Fixes:

  • SRV-856 - Improve error message for opening deleted workflow on Server

  • SRV-1280 - Passwords with umlauts don't work in WebPortal

  • SRV-2078 - Per-user RMI executors may not start in fresh server installation

  • SRV-2131 - Reports not attached to emails when generated on a queue-based executor

  • SRV-2175 - Author of uploaded workflows is not set correctly

  • SRV-2195 - License server issues duplicate licenses for user names with uppercase letters

  • SRV-2208 - POST request returns empty job output instead of actual job output under heavy load

  • SRV-2212 - Deadlock when rendering more than one report per job in distributed executor

  • SRV-2227 - XLS Writer fails when writing over EJB connection to server

KNIME Server 4.8.1 (released January 30, 2019)


  • SRV-582 - Create OpenAPI definition for REST interface

  • SRV-1274 - Job-pool REST endpoint

  • SRV-2023 - Update REST URL in Webportal

  • SRV-1818 - Files created using Writer nodes with the server mount point name as the destination should inherit the permissions of the parent group

  • SRV-1822 - Ask user to reload job if swapped

  • SRV-1914 - Existing files overwitten using Writer nodes with the server mount point name as the destination should keep their permissions

  • SRV-2030 - Warn about unsupported workflow variables when executing workflow via REST-enabled KNIME Explorer

Bug Fixes:

  • SRV-2022 - Can't download logs from WebPortal with Server Small license (no consumers)

  • SRV-1579 - An invalid license file takes precedence over a valid license file

  • SRV-1580 - Server re-issues invalid TeamSpace license to 3.5 AP client, even if new (valid) license file is available on server

  • SRV-1918 - Repository items may disappear after a move under special conditions

  • SRV-2028 - The override.conf file for the knime-server.service configuration incorrectly sets environment variables.

  • SRV-1326 - "Save As" on a workflow opened from the server does not change the name of the open workflow

  • SRV-1411 - Incorrect error message when trying to read from disconnected KNIME Server mount point

  • SRV-1582 - Purge invalid licenses and purge expired licenses button doesn't work

  • SRV-1689 - Scheduled execution: Inconsistent behaviour of "Last execution" checkbox

  • SRV-1907 - Typo in overwrite workflow with saved job dialog

  • SRV-1915 - Command prompt not shown after pressing enter in executor command

  • SRV-1926 - Remove file size limit for upload via the KNIME Server Connector

KNIME Server 4.8.0 (released December 6, 2018)


  • SRV-1888: Simplify copy between server message

  • SRV-1879: User can delete files from different mount points at the same time

  • SRV-1854: Executor should exit with non-zero code if no core tokens can be acquired

  • SRV-1846: RabbitMQ connection should be re-established after service/network failures

  • SRV-1842: Server Installation Guide improvements

  • SRV-1834: Reconnect to server after repository tree update failure

  • SRV-1816: Check for compatibility of AP with gateway API

  • SRV-1815: Speed up updates of REST explorer for large repositories

  • SRV-1814: Enable 'Use REST' as default for new KNIME Server 4.8 mountpoints

  • SRV-1793: Add public server information to REST root resource (e.g. default mount point ID)

  • SRV-1778: Add discardAfterExecution flag for standard workflow jobs in REST

  • SRV-1769: Add hasReport flag to workflows in REST interface

  • SRV-1767: Provide systemd scripts and Windows service for executors

  • SRV-1759: Refresh job states from distributed executors during server start

  • SRV-1751: Add option to access children of deleted Workflow Groups via REST

  • SRV-1748: Add option to move deleted item to Trash Bin via REST

  • SRV-1744: REST interface should show user who deleted an item

  • SRV-1737: Improve full repository listing via REST for large repositories

  • SRV-1725: Enable distributed executor log file download through admin console

  • SRV-1706: Cancel jobs that have been executing for more than a certain amount of time

  • SRV-1694: Report effective permissions in REST interface

  • SRV-1693: Shorten file system paths for job directories

  • SRV-1673: Create 'Workflow Image' REST endpoint

  • SRV-1624: Graceful shutdown of executors

  • SRV-1612: Add versioning functionality to REST interface

  • SRV-1592: Enable strict servlet compliance

  • SRV-1591: Turn off session facade recycling

  • SRV-1586: Management: Customizations, KNIME Server can supply customizations for KNIME Analytics Platform

  • SRV-1572: Add server-side copy and move operations to REST interface

  • SRV-1566: Add nodes to workbench in job view (and undo)

  • SRV-1547: Server installer to use p2 update sites over https

  • SRV-1542: Force SSL when accessing the manager application

  • SRV-1540: Limit daily log files for new KNIME Server installations

  • SRV-1539: Review default TLS settings used by KNIME Server

  • SRV-1538: Default installation to set recommended permissions by default (under Linux)

  • SRV-1537: Non-deterministic name for shutdown command in manager app

  • SRV-1535: Prevent starting as root and set umask to 0007

  • SRV-1517: Alternative to RabbitMQ that makes installation simple (for smaller deployments)

  • SRV-1443: Visual feedback that Workbench item is a Job View and not a workflow

  • SRV-1385: Better handling when opening metanodes while server connection is lost

  • SRV-1345: Remove KNIME Server SOAP API from KNIME Server code base

  • SRV-1340: Better status for workflow jobs that are UNDEFINED due to no suitable executors being available

  • SRV-1335: Make timeouts for distributed executor operations configurable

  • SRV-1293: Include the scheduled job identifier in the REST WorkflowJob object.

  • SRV-1217: Add job start time and execution time to job information in REST interface

  • SRV-1164: Allow workflows to be replaced by a job on the server (and allow jobs to be created without executing)

  • SRV-950: Upload/Download multiple items to/from KNIME Server

  • SRV-780: Change service name from apache-tomee to knime-server

  • SRV-651: Stepwise execution in executor via message queue (file download)

Bug Fixes:

  • SRV-1635: Jobs cannot be discarded via the admin portal

  • SRV-1890: NPE when trying to delete root of server mountpoint

  • SRV-1885: Timestamp for workflow jobs not changing when loading workflow into memory fails

  • SRV-1883: Jobs without read permissions cannot be executed by distributed executors

  • SRV-1855: NPE when uploading workflow to DS1

  • SRV-1848: Race condition in REST explorer

  • SRV-1843: Server Installer should not show irrelevant CRITICAL errors

  • SRV-1839: Job list in server log incomplete for distributed executors

  • SRV-1833: Unresponsive when opening permissions dialog on slow connections

  • SRV-1827: Workflow Job should become outdated when saved using Remote Control

  • SRV-1805: Synchronous execution call via REST may return too early with distributed executors

  • SRV-1795: Mason control map on client contains unreachable entries

  • SRV-1786: Executors complain about preference profile arguments but consume them nevertheless

  • SRV-1780: User with no read permission on workflow can save its jobs as workflow and/or open them in job view

  • SRV-1777: Equals method of RepositoryItemPermissions does not consider all group changes.

  • SRV-1773: No core tokens for executor if license uploaded via Admin page

  • SRV-1740: Jobs must not be swapped from distributed executors during server shutdown

  • SRV-1637: Scheduled jobs may be started twice at their scheduled time.

  • SRV-1622: KNIME Server Medium doesn't have any core for execution

  • SRV-1581: Server shows double click to connect even so user is connected

  • SRV-1524: Clicking OK in Permissions Dialog after viewing Group Permissions causes Error

  • SRV-717: Improved error messages when server connector logs out due to network connection problems ("connection refused")

  • SRV-665: Deleting larger workflow groups on servers freeze KNIME


For any questions about KNIME Software or product installations, please contact us and we'll be happy to help.


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