KNIME Product Downloads 2017-12


This page contains downloads for the KNIME products that were released as part of the KNIME Server version 4.6 and KNIME Analytics Platform version 3.5 in December 2017. See our What's New page for an overview of the improvements, or see the changelog for the full list.

The KNIME Server section of the KNIME forum is accessible here.

KNIME Server

The current version of KNIME Server is 4.6.5. This update site includes all bug fix releases of the 4.6 line and the latest 3.9 KNIME TeamSpace release. The update site includes the server connector (Server Space) and the extensions for the workflow executor.

Server installation

Server upgrades

Supplementary functionality

Administrator Manuals

End-user Manuals

KNIME Server update site

  • All KNIME Server updates are contained in the Analytics Platform update site (see below).


KNIME Analytics Platform

The current version of KNIME Analytics Platform is 3.5.3.


The update site contains all bug fix release for the 3.5 line.


KNIME Store update site:


KNIME TeamSpace

The current version of KNIME TeamSpace is 3.9.0. KNIME TeamSpace is distributed as part of the KNIME Store (see above). Further documentation is available here:


KNIME Cluster Execution

The current version of KNIME Cluster Execution (SGE) is 1.3.0


KNIME Extension for Apache Spark

Current versions:

  • KNIME Extension for Apache Spark: 2.2.2

  • Spark Job Server:

    • (for Apache Spark 1.x)

    • (for Apache Spark 2.x)

You need to install the following:

  • In KNIME Analytics Platform: An extension called KNIME Extension for Apache Spark

  • On your Hadoop cluster: A service called Spark Jobserver

Documentation and download links:




KNIME Server 4.6.5 (released August 14, 2018)

Bug Fixes:

  • SRV-1589 - Jobs may be discarded before they start execution if discard after execution is set

  • SRV-1590 - Scheduled job may be skipped even if no previous job is running any more

  • SRV-1637 - Scheduled jobs may be started twice at their scheduled time.


KNIME Server 4.6.4 (released July 6, 2018)


  • SRV-1466 - should clean OSGi dependency cache

Bug Fixes:

  • SRV-1463 - Server installer fails when used with Java 9+

  • SRV-1519 - Deleting running child of scheduled job causes scheduled execution to stop when skip execution is set

  • SRV-1461 - Saving a wizard execution job as workflow will include wizard state and cause unexpected execution behaviour


KNIME Server 4.6.3 (released June 12, 2018)

Bug Fixes:

  • SRV-1316 - Runlevel script for ubuntu 16.04 references non-existent chown command

  • SRV-1392 - Potential DOM-injection with Internet Explorer 11

  • SRV-1394 - List Remote Files fails when executed on server if file names include spaces

  • SRV-1355 - List Files node doesn't work with knime-protocol on Windows servers any more

  • SRV-1412 - BIRT Report is not updated when reselecting value on the WebPortal

  • SRV-1421 - WebPortal direct linking with &root= modifier fails

  • SRV-1445 - Potential deadlock when uploading workflows

  • SRV-1334 - Failure to update linked metanodes during load leaves orphaned job in executor and prevents rotation

  • SRV-1409 - Workflow on Webportal gives a NullPointer when the input file is not provided


KNIME Server 4.6.2 (released April 12, 2018)

Bug Fixes:

  • SRV-1255: Can't save job as workflow if name contains period

  • SRV-1281: Temporary job directories on distributed executors are not removed when job is discarded

  • SRV-1275: Aborted downloads via EJB may leave temp files behind on server

  • SRV-1108: Passwords with &, <, or > break the installer


KNIME Server 4.6.1 (released February 06, 2018)


  • SRV-1201: All input parameters passed as multipart/form-data validated as JSON Objects

  • SRV-1176: Update preferences.epf.template to match new Python integration

  • SRV-1113: User and group names should be treated case insensitive

  • SRV-966: Add license upload to admin pages

Bug Fixes:

  • SRV-1190: Back button not working properly from last page in the web portal

  • SRV-1175: Wrong pop-up message shown when starting a workflow on the WebPortal

  • SRV-1156: Fully executed workflow remains in executing state for sometime before showing executed

  • SRV-1229: Potential deadlock when setting job input via REST

  • SRV-1203: Last-Modified date of :data resource is wrong for workflows groups

  • SRV-1189: Loading custom JS template file fails on login page

  • SRV-1179: Forbid creating local server users or roles with special characters (e.g. slashes)

  • SRV-668: Wizard state of jobs executed with subnode execution is not properly restored

  • SRV-652: Don't show "Settings" link in WebPortal for external users


KNIME Server 4.6.0 (released December 6, 2017)


  • [SRV-636] - Allow upload of server licenses via REST interface

  • [SRV-640] - Add job scheduling to REST interface

  • [SRV-657] - Add access to recycle bin to REST interface

  • [SRV-960] - Allow saving of jobs as workflows via REST interface

  • [SRV-1066] - Improve handling of read-only properties for REST resources

  • [SRV-650] - Data in- and output in executor via message queue (files)

  • [SRV-612] - Job download in executor via message queue

  • [SRV-840] - KNIME Server should display OpenAPI definition of REST-enabled workflows

  • [SRV-1092] - Application to generate OpenAPI definitions for all workflows in the server repository

  • [SRV-1080] - 'Show REST API' context menu action in KNIME Explorer

  • [SRV-1020] - Fix WARN message about com.knime.licenses.LicenseStore

  • [SRV-1057] - Change "currently executing" message when trying to delete workflow on Server that is open on WebPortal

  • [SRV-1062] - Additional config option to disallow executing workflows created with a 'future' version of KNIME

  • [SRV-851] - Social Workflow Repository

  • [SRV-1095] - Remote Workflow Control


  • [SRV-999] - Empty workflow repository if it contains broken symbolic links


For any questions about KNIME Software or product installations, please contact us and we'll be happy to help.


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