KNIME Life Science Workshop July 20, 2010 in Cambridge US

KNIME in Boston!

The KNIME Life Science Workshop took place at Swissnex building in Cambridge, MA on July 20, 2010.

The event was well attended by representatives of local Life Science and Biotech companies. Also several academic groups joined the meeting, which provided an excellent opportunity to get an overview on KNIME, KNIME Report Designer and the KNIME Enterprise Products.

The KNIME Life Science Partners Schrödinger, ChemAxon/Infocom, CambridgeSoft, Spotfire, and Tripos presented their KNIME extensions and how these complement KNIME by providing chemoinformatics, molecular modeling, molecular mechanics and visualization capabilities within the KNIME integration platform.

Please contact us if you want to get access to the presentations given by KNIME and the KNIME Life Science Partners.


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