Guided Analytics

There are two requirements to run a data analysis: the data science, meaning the machine learning and statistics knowledge, and the domain expertise. Rarely the same person has both. Therefore, it might be useful to produce two versions of the same analytics workflow: one for the data scientist and one for the domain expert.

The workflow for the data scientist resides on the KNIME Analytics Platform and exposes all model training parameters and ETL options. The workflow for the expert end user resides on the KNIME WebPortal. Here, on the WebPortal, only a subset of the original parameters are made available - that is only those parameters of interest to the end user – and the complexity and details of the workflow are hidden behind a simpler and more graphical web page.

The process of guiding the end user through the same analytics workflow, by exposing only the parameters of interest and through a comfortable sequence of web pages is called guided analytics.

The workflow used in this video can be found on the KNIME EXAMPLES server under 09_Enterprise/02_WebPortal/08_Guided_Analytics09_Enterprise/02_WebPortal/08_Guided_Analytics*