Another valid help when starting a new workflow is the EXAMPLES server. The EXAMPLES server is a public server provided by KNIME with hundreds of example workflows.

Some example workflows are easy and explain only one of the many KNIME features. For example, many of the sections in this course will refer to an example workflow in the EXAMPLES server. Some example workflows are more complex and refer to real life data analytics use cases. That is the case of the 50_Applications folder available in the EXAMPLES server.

The EXAMPLES server is accessible via the KNIME Explorer panel within the KNIME workbench and represents a great help when starting a new workflow. If, for example, I need to create a new workflow on churn prediction, I can access and copy the EXAMPLES server, its 50_Applications folder and within that the Churn Prediction workflow. Once I have copied the example workflow on my LOCAL workspace I can then customize it to access my own data and produce the required output.

Example workflows in the EXAMPLES server are also described in the Node Guide section.



  • Access the EXAMPLES server and locate the 02_ETL_Data_Manipulation/00_Basic_Examples/02_ETL_Basics workflow.