KNIME for Decision Makers

Balancing data scientists and the business

Textcloud decision maker
  • You know that your data scientists are simply going to use their own tools to generate the insight you’ve asked for – but you want them to work TOGETHER while doing so!
  • Now, here’s an ideal scenario: a central place for the data scientists to deploy and share their work while also integrating into the company’s Authentication/Authorization system
  • What if you could count on compliance and reproducibility – because it’s done automatically – and never again have to worry about another d***d upgrade?
  • Or controlling TCO while providing maximum flexibility to future-proof your approach?
  • Or maximizing ROI for your corporate big data efforts?
  • How about doing all of this using either your on-prem or cloud-based AWS or Azure computing resources: dream or reality?

If such thoughts keep you awake at night, then KNIME Analytics Platform and the KNIME Server are for you. The enterprise-grade, open-source platform is fast to deploy, easy to scale and intuitive to learn. It’s designed to be open to data, tools and users, bringing them together in a modern platform that gives you transparency and control – without inhibiting creativity. And when you need your team to collaborate, automate and expand to additional business users, the KNIME Server is there for you. Reliably.

Read more about why KNIME is different here, and find out what leading analysts say about KNIME here.

To understand how KNIME quickly gets teams up to speed and providing value, have a look at our Case Studies.

Even better: point your data scientists to the platform, stand back and watch them catch fire! Anyone can install and use KNIME Analytics Platform by simply downloading it.

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