KNIME for Data Scientists

Blend tools and data types seamlessly

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  • The freedom to continue using your favorite tools (as you like) while trying out new ones – all within the same environment
  • Blending data from many sources and types on the platforms of your choice in a consistent visual interface free of proprietary code
  • The ability to experiment and expand to Apache Spark and big data, to figure out what’s sensible for you and your organization
  • Making the repetitive and time-consuming aspects go quicker and easier without sacrificing power and flexibility – or accuracy
  • Automatic creation of reproducible and well-documented analytics and ETL, which also satisfies all those pesky compliance requirements
  • Fluid movement from prototyping new analytics approaches to creating production deployments for users across your global enterprise

If this describes your dream environment, then KNIME Analytics Platform is for you. The enterprise-grade, open-source platform is fast to deploy, easy to scale and intuitive to learn. It makes it easy for you to include your existing tools and expand on them using some 2000+ additional capabilities – both from KNIME itself and its ever-growing group of community contributors. And if you want to collaborate, automate and share, the KNIME commercial extensions are also there for you. It’s up to you.

Interested in learning more? Then download KNIME and test it out: after all, it’s open source and free.

You can learn about KNIME’s 2000+ nodes and also the extensions from the KNIME community.

To get you going quickly, we’ve provided over 400 working examples that you can learn about here.

Other valuable learning resources can be accessed here.

And if you have any questions at all, just shout.