KNIME Fall Summit 2022

Presentations from KNIME Fall Summit 2022 on November 14 - 16, 2022.

KNIME Fall Summit 2022 Presentations
Opening and Software News

Speakers: Michael Berthold, Jim Falgout, Christian Birkhold & Bernd Wiswedel (KNIME)

KNIME announces the new KNIME Business Hub, a single environment for organizations where all data workers can securely collaborate and share best practices, as well as deploy and monitor data science solutions across the organization. In addition, watch the recording for a preview of the upcoming release of KNIME Analytics Platform, v4.7, and key capabilities within, as well as new collaboration features in KNIME Community Hub for Teams.

KNIMEline – How phData Accelerated a Chemist’s Journey into Data Analytics

Speakers: Brennon Sessions (P&G), Sunny Yan (phData)

The Personal Health Care department at P&G, a multinational consumer products company, needed an easier way for its business users to navigate an increasingly complex network of internal digital systems. With massive amounts of technical information and supply chain details spread across various siloed data sources, retrieving and analyzing data quickly was proving to be a challenge without the help of system experts. Watch this recording, to hear how P&G and phData use KNIME to empower and upskill chemists and researchers at P&G to optimize data reporting capability and accelerate decision making.

How the FDA Improved Speed and Accuracy of Staff Forecasting with KNIME

Speakers: Mugila Krishnan (FDA), Jeet Jagtap (Equinoxys)

The FDA is unique in that their operations are funded by user fees through a legislator mandate, which they collect as part of their regulatory functions. These hybrid funding and operating strategies create unique business challenges. With 20,000 customers across the globe, Mugila and her team wanted to find a tool to help amplify financial management and reporting efforts. They evaluated multiple industry-leading software products and selected KNIME to handle their Fully Loaded Cost (FLC) model. Hear how they have saved hundreds of labor hours, eliminated errors with automation, and enable systemic use of business data across other OFM apps.

Geospatial Analytics for All

Speakers: Wendy Guan (Geographic Analysis Harvard University), Tobias Kötter (KNIME)

Organizations around the world depend on geospatial data for site selection, supply chain optimization, environment management, fraud detection and more. Historically, accessing and analyzing this invaluable data, however, has required niche expertise, demanding deep experience with a wide array of data sources and libraries, as well as coding skills. In this presentation, hear about the geospatial analysis extension and the reusable and reproducible blueprints that the CGA team, at Harvard, and KNIME are working on, for users to download and adapt to their own needs.

Driving Efficiency of Internal Audits with Data Analytics

Speaker: Tjasse Biewenga (ING Group)

ING, one of Europe’s largest banks, has an ambition to become a data-driven organization with analytics core to its business model. One of the areas it is applying analytics to drive efficiency is its internal audit function, Corporate Audit Services (CAS) – an organization with over 400 individuals across 35 teams in over 20 countries. Watch this presentation, to hear Tjasse Biewenga, Head of Data Analytics for Internal Audit at ING, talk about how his team leverages KNIME for control testing, process mining, image analysis, and more, across multiple data sources and systems.

Panel Discussion: Of Data, AI and Other Dangerous Things

Moderator: Rosaria Silipo (KNIME)

Panelists: Paul Wisneskey (, Pedro Medina (Haystack), Leander Quiring (Canadian Tire)

Depending on who you ask, different organizations have different data challenges, different interpretations of AI and its uses, and different approaches to building a data lab. Watch the recording to hear from a group of select KNIME and data science experts on their perspectives about data, AI, low code, and other dangerous things.

Deutsche Telekom Optimizes Customer Service with KNIME Edge

Speakers: Lars Matthes, Mehmet-Ali Karaarslan (Deutsche Telekom), Phil Winters (KNIME)

Serving over 26 million fixed network customers, the team from Deutsche Telekom tells us how they have mastered the challenge of dealing with large volumes of data while retaining stability, to optimize customer services. A sophisticated ML model in KNIME provides recommendations for the next best action (NBA) to help solve customer problems.The team has successfully enabled 24/7 availability and significantly reduced process duration. Since activating KNIME Edge, they are now able to handle 12,000 requests per day, achieving a response time of 1.9 seconds.

Siemens Healthineers Creates Data-as-a-service with Snowflake and KNIME

Speakers: Marcel Meyer (Siemens Healthineers), Ripu Jain (Snowflake), Stephen Rauner (KNIME)

At SIEMENS Healthineers, the understanding is that CRM data should be provided as a digital internal product to a large number of stakeholders. The CRM Excellence business unit takes responsibility for maintaining and curating these datasets for widespread use. Watch the talk to hear how they have successfully accomplished this, benefiting from joining Snowflake’s computational and accessibility simplicity with KNIME’s interactive visual programming environment.

Scaling Guided Analytics Solutions for Operations

Speaker: Allan Luk (Seagate)

Based in the Seagate Design Center, Allan Luk discusses the journey Seagate took to scale guided analytics solutions for virtual metrology. Virtual metrology replaces the need for metrology equipment by monitoring sensor data and providing predicted measurements – eliminating the need to measure every single pod. Hear from Allan how Seagate is using KNIME Edge to scale up and scale out their virtual metrology in KNIME – to enable deployment in real-time and to multiple factories, improving operations metrics and efficiencies, and projecting making savings of $M.

Continuous Deployment and Data Science: Mission Impossible?

Speakers: Phil Winters (KNIME), Simon Schmid (KNIME)

When talking about data science, the traditional requirements of continuous deployment are not enough. In their talk, Phil and Simon discuss the extra requirements that data science based applications bring in a production environment and introduce a KNIME framework that not only satisfies traditional but also the extended requirements needed for operationalization of data science.

Fireside Chat: Data Science in the Wild – or How to Make Sure Data Science Models Don’t Go Extinct

Speakers: Michael Berthold (KNIME), Dean Abbott (Wunderkind Corporation), John Elder (Elder Research)

Data Science fails when outdated models no longer represent what you’ll be seeing in the future. Dean and John pick up on the extra requirements needed to ensure continuous deployment of data science and dive deeper into key topics to protect data science models from extinction! Watch this recording to find out why data scientists need to be involved more, why drift is in the eye of the beholder, why models are sometimes wrong, and why retraining of models is not as easy as it seems. The data science gurus discuss how the work of a data science team is changing with more time needed to be factored in to monitor and evaluate how models are performing after implementation.

COTM Award Ceremony

Speaker: Scott Fincher (KNIME)

At the COTM Awards ceremony, host, Scott Fincher, celebrates the KNIME Contributors of the Month 2020-2022. The COTM award is assigned in recognition of technical skills and contributions to the advancement of the KNIME community. Meet the people who have contributed to a better learning experience as educators, provided extensive technical support on the KNIME Forum, shared knowledge via articles, blogs, or videos, developed and shared nodes and components with the community, or helped build a strong KNIME presence on social media. Watch the recording to also find out how you can nominate someone for this award in 2023!

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