KNIME Collaboration Extensions

KNIME® Collaboration Extensions are built to help teams work together, from small workgroups to worldwide enterprises. These software products extend the power and flexibility of KNIME Analytics Platform beyond individual data scientists and teams to everyone in your company.

  TeamSpace Server Lite Cloud Server KNIME Server
Access Management Basic Basic Basic Advanced
Shared Repositories        
Flexible Execution        
WebPortal   Optional    
REST Services     Optional  
Commercial Support     Optional  

KNIME Server

Need to extend analytics to your team?

KNIME Server is our flagship collaboration product, offering shared repositories, advanced access management, flexible execution, web enablement, and commercial support.

KNIME TeamSpace

Need a shared repository?

KNIME TeamSpace is your entry into collaborative analytics. Share data, nodes, and workflows with remote storage across your team. Node linking enables publication of metanodes to the organization and allows all the workflows that use those nodes to be updated.

KNIME Server Lite

Need basic collaborative capabilities beyond TeamSpace?

KNIME Server Lite is built for teams that need basic authentication, user access rights, and advanced execution in addition to TeamSpace capabilities.

Remote execution allows teams to offload execution from personal laptops to a well-provisioned, high-performance computer. Scheduled execution enables delayed and recurring workflow deployment.

KNIME WebPortal

Need web access for your analytics?

KNIME WebPortal (included with KNIME Server) extends Server Lite to enable access to your analytics on any device with a web browser. Publish workflow results or select, execute, and schedule execution remotely.

Quickform nodes enable data scientists to guide anyone in the organization to use advanced analytics by entering a few parameters on a web page and rerunning workflows on demand.

KNIME Cloud Server

Need the freedom of a cloud service?

KNIME Cloud Server is the power of KNIME Server taken to the cloud, eliminating the need for on-premise installation or maintenance.

We have packaged the best features of KNIME Server for deployment in a scalable, on-demand cloud environment.

KNIME Cloud Server gives your organization maximum collaboration with minimum configuration.