KNIME Cloud Server

Give your analytics extra power and scalability on demand with KNIME® Cloud Server.

The Power of KNIME Server ‒ in the Cloud.

KNIME Cloud Server has all of the power and functionality of KNIME WebPortal and additionally leverages collaboration. Teams can now share data, workflows, and metanodes on the cloud and when capacity needs to be scaled up or down to match demand – it can. Immediately. Use KNIME Cloud Server to run analytics on more powerful hardware, freeing up resources for other tasks. Benefit from the ability to schedule workflow execution and have models built and reports generated overnight, increasing productivity. And deploy advanced analytics to end users via the KNIME WebPortal.

KNIME Cloud Server Features

  • Share workflows, data, and metanodes with colleagues.
  • Offload computationally intensive tasks to dedicated hardware.
  • Schedule tasks to run automatically.
  • Server administration managed by KNIME.
  • Deploy analytics generated with KNIME Analytics Platform to end-users with KNIME WebPortal.

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