KNIME: Because it's your data

Your data is a treasure chest: Do you have the keys to it firmly in grip?

You know there are gems locked away in your data, and those you find today are only the start. Look more closely and you may realize tomorrow that you need data, technology and science above and beyond the expensive software package(s) you already have.

Make sure you retain control over and ensure the uninterrupted ability to tap the potential hidden inside your data! Using KNIME, you can pick and choose from all the features you need now and still be able to access any others that you might need – someday. KNIME's clear workflows are easy to use and provide a consistent interface for the people you want to entrust with generating critical insights, now and in the future. And because KNIME is not proprietary, your keys can never be repossessed!

KNIME's dedicated and enthusiastic community continues to expand support to new data types and new tools as they become available, protecting your data investments and securing your hold on your company’s most valuable business asset. And leaving you in control to know, because it's your data!

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