KNIME 2.12 Technology Preview - Invitation for KNIME community and node developers

Technology Preview based on new versions of Eclipse and Java.

DO NOT use in production!

The next feature release of KNIME is scheduled for summer 2015. As part of the new features we plan to upgrade the underlying software components Eclipse from 3.7.2 to 4.4.2 and Java from 1.7.0_u60 to (likely) 1.8.0_u45. Applying these upgrades is not without risk and despite the KNIME team working hard to guarantee full backwards compatibility it is possible that we will miss corner cases, also given the wide variety of community and partner extensions.

Therefore we are making a technology preview available to our community and ask for a test drive and feedback. This invitation is particularly relevant for KNIME node developers (technology partners and community contributors) but also to those users running complex workflows or reports.

Please download the KNIME preview below and run your favorite workflows and nodes. In particular watch out for:

  • Unexpected behavior related to node execution
  • Problems during the installation (specifically 3rd party extensions)
  • Artifacts in KNIME's UI
  • Errors or inconsistencies related to the reporting extension (BIRT), which also underwent an upgrade

Please report any inconsistencies and problems in this forum thread.

  (Links removed as 2.12 has been released in July 2015.)

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