Installation Problems on Windows

If you want to download the KNIME Analytics Platform installer or self-extracting archive for Windows, you might experience some difficulty because of Microsoft Defender SmartScreen, which tries to prevent users from installing malicious software. SmartScreen declares all executables as potentially dangerous until they have built up a “reputation” with Microsoft. The reputation depends on various criteria which we cannot influence. We hope that we will have gained enough reputation soon so that you can use the installer much easier.

For additional information about Microsoft SmartScreen go to the SmartScreen FAQ.

If you have problems downloading KNIME Analytics Platform with Microsoft Edge, refer to the download information section at the bottom of this page.

Installing KNIME on Windows 10 / 11

If you install KNIME Analytics Platform, you might see the following SmartScreen warning.

To start the installation click on the "More info" text which brings up the following dialog.

Here, you can click on the "Run anyway" button in order to proceed with the installation

Downloading KNIME using Microsoft Edge

If you see the following SmartScreen warning in your Edge browser,

click on the three dots and then on the "Keep" button

to proceed to the following dialog:

Here you can click on the "Show more" text

and then press "Keep anyway" to keep the file and proceed with the installation.


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