ImmunoNodes - Commandline tools and KNIME extension of FRED 2

What is ImmunoNodes

ImmunoNodes is a collection of immunoinformatics command line tools and community KNIME nodes (, written in Python with FRED 2 ( It offers unified interfaces to many popular immunoinformatics methods and covers a wide variety of standard applications, such as: (neo-)epitope, cleavage site, and TAP prediction, as well as HLA genotyping, and epitope-based vaccine design. Building onto of KNIME, ImmunoNodes is a powerful and intuitive toolbox to develop complex workflows, even without any programming experience.

Source Code

The source code of ImmunoNodes is hosted at GitHub and can be accessed here


The ImmunoNodes source code is published under a 3-clause BSD license. The licenses of the individual applications integrated into ImmunoNodes can be found in LICENSE.

  • DTU(CBS) Prediction tools (NetMHC etc): Academic use only (please contact the administration of CBS for non-academic use
  • LKH Solver: Academic use only (please contact the author of LKH for non-academic use
  • CBC Solver: Eclipse Public License v1.0
  • Docker: Apache License v2.0
  • Generic KNIME Nodes: Apache License v2.0

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