Welcome to KNIMEtech.

KNIMEtech is a resource for technical data and information for all KNIME users and developers. If you have questions regarding KNIME or KNIME Report Designer you can search the forum for an existing solution or post questions to get help from the community. Make sure you pick the right forum for your question. You need to be registered in order to post to the forum.

Documentation contains user guides with step-by-step instructions, screencasts, FAQs and other tools to help you get started with KNIME or KNIME Report Designer. Developers can find the developer guide, the JavaDoc API reference, as well as an example implementation in this part of KNIMEtech.

KNIME Labs gives you the possibility to preview new features. In the LABS section of KNIMEtech you can find new nodes which add new functionality to KNIME but still are under development. The nodes provided here are not (yet) part of the stable KNIME version because the functionality and/or API may not be finalized. We hope to get you involved by reporting bugs and helping us generating examples and documentation.

In the community contributions you can find references to the Special Interest Group on High Content Analytics and also links to additional nodes provided by the community.


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