Generate Help Files from Node Descriptions

Help files are displayed in the Eclipse build in help view. This help view has the advantage that it supports a full text search. If you want to offer your customers this possibility for your node descriptions you can use a little helper program from KNIME: the KNIME_Documentation_Builder. It generates the help files out of your node descriptions and add it to the referring anchor points of the KNIME help table of content. You start the documentation builder, by creating a new run time configuration. Select the "Run an application" radio button and select the org.knime.workbench.helpview.KNIME_Documentation_Builder from the select box as shown below.
If you run this application, a screen comes up that prompts you to select the plug-ins for which the help files should be generated. Plug-ins already containing help files are not listed.
Select the desired plug-ins and click "Finish". The next time you start your KNIME product open the hlep view with Help -> Help Contents. Select "KNIME" on the left hand side and browse in the tree to your plug-in. It is the same place as in the Node Repository.

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