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Gather and shape data from any source

End to end data science starts with getting access to all of your data sources. KNIME Software allows you to connect to these varied data sources in one intuitive, visual workflow environment. Within this environment, a broad range of additional functionalities make data transformation, cleaning, and aggregating steps easy.

blend data from any source

Spend time where it matters

You're charged with combining data from various sources and getting it into the right shape to generate insights quickly. With KNIME Analytics Platform, you can create well-documented, standardized, reusable workflows to operationalize your (often) repetitive tasks. Build your workflows in an intuitive, visual, drag and drop style environment, which enables fast prototyping and short feedback cycles.

Do your job well and on your own terms

KNIME Analytics Platform provides the tools to connect to a host of databases and data warehouses, access a variety of file formats, retrieve data from cloud resources or external services, and more. The broad set of out-of-the-box functionality, allows you to seamlessly integrate and transform the data in one uniform, visual environment on your own - no dependencies on central IT. If there’s a functionality you’re missing, simply integrate the tools you like or take advantage of the many integrations we have with other open source projects.

Deliver consistent and reliable results

Workflows created with KNIME Analytics Platform automatically document each step of your data wrangling process. Meaning, if you share workflows or results with your colleagues, they can easily understand the individual steps of your workflow and provide feedback. Backwards compatibility across all versions of KNIME Analytics Platform ensures that the work you've done today, can be safely used and deployed in the future. This reproducibility and comprehensibility  of workflows assure you deliver reliable, high quality results.


Filtering Nodes in Action

This workflow on KNIME Hub looks at various filtering nodes:Row Filter node, Nominal Value Row Filter node, Geo-coordinate Row Filter node, and more.

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