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Image Data Display (and saving) through KNIME Server Webinterface

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I currently created a workflow, that generates a table containing image data (IMG+). Now I would like to display the table with images on the webinterface after execution of the workflow. Ideally the user should select then single images and save them to disk. Unfortunately I'm unable to display (or preview) the image data on the webinterface. I've tried it with the following workflow (nodes) without success:

ImgPlus to PNG Images -> (Renderer to Image) -> Table View (Java Script) : preview of image is completely white


What would be the appropriate way to this? The Problem is, that I can't find a node, that converts the IMG+ data to a datatype that would fit to the input of e.g. the Image Output node (green rectangle) or Image to report.


Thank you for your help!


Thu, 02/15/2018 - 04:59

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Hi Mo,

actually, what you did seems to be the right thing. You can however try to add the "Image Converter" (Scale+Normalize) before you use the "ImgPlus to PNG" and convert the images to "UnsignedByteType". If this doesn't help, can you provide a minimal example workflow? I can then further debug the problem and try to figure out what's going on.

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