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erlwood node not available in Repository Manager

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3 years 4 months baarzo

HI, I have KNIME 3.5.1. I have installed Erlwood node and I used its, but from 2/3 weeks the node disappear from the repository. when I lunch a workflow with for example the 2d/3d scatterplot node I this message:

"2018-01-31 09:39:43,928 : ERROR : ModalContext : LoadWorkflowRunnable :  :  :     Status: Error: Node "2D/3D Scatterplot" not available from extension "Erlwood Knime Open Source Core" (provided by "Erlwood"; plugin "org.erlwood.knime.core" is not installed)"

If I try to install it the programs say that it is already installed.

I also see this messages in KNIME console:

"ERROR RepositoryManager               Node node.EvolutionaryAlgorithmNodeFactory' from plugin 'node' could not be created: Can't load factory class for node: node.EvolutionaryAlgorithmNodeFactory The corresponding plugin bundle could not be activated!
ERROR LoadWorkflowRunnable            Errors during load: Status: Error: repro5 beta 0 loaded with errors
ERROR LoadWorkflowRunnable              Status: Error: repro5 beta 0
ERROR LoadWorkflowRunnable                Status: Error: Node "2D/3D Scatterplot" not available from extension "Erlwood Knime Open Source Core" (provided by "Erlwood"; plugin "org.erlwood.knime.core" is not installed)"

I try to unistall and install erlwood node but nothing change.


some ideas to fix it?


Mon, 02/05/2018 - 12:54

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2 years 11 months


Hi Baarzo,

So the "2D/3D Scatterplot" node did work on KNIME Analytics Platform 3.5.1 before and since 2-3 weeks it's not there anymore?

Did you install any additional extensions or updated KNIME AP since then?

And maybe could you please generate a log file by starting Analytics platform from the commandline with

knime.exe -consoleLog


Thank you!



Wed, 02/07/2018 - 03:35

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3 years 4 months


yes the node stop to work after I had imported a workflow with some new nodes.


but know after another uninstallation of the node and another installation is back to work without any explanation....

Mon, 02/12/2018 - 09:04

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9 years 3 months


Hi Baarzo,

Which nodes did you install before the earlwood nodes disappeared?