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variable columns to 1 columns regularly

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3 years alex_kim

Dear KNIME experts,

I am quite new in KNIME but I hope it will fulfill my needs

I have variable 2~ 200 columns in table

So example

row    1    2    3    4    5     ......    
row1    aa    cc    -    -    -    -
row2    ss    qq    gg    yy    oo    uu    ...
row3    ww    tt    ww    -    -
row4    zz    ee    -    -    -    -

I'd like to transpose to just 1column and add to row in sequence as below

row    1        
row1    aa;cc    
row2    ss;qq    
row2    qq;gg
row2    gg;yy
row2    yy;oo
row2    oo;uu
row3    ww;tt
row3    tt;ww
row4    zz;ee

Is there anybody out there with experience in this kind of task?

Thanks in advance

Thu, 03/01/2018 - 10:55

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Have a look at the attached workflow. It is not build for ~200 columns, but you can use Loops to adapt it to your problem.