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Train MNIST classifier- Some nodes are missing

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2 years 9 months obadarneh

Dear Gents,


I am trying to use "Train MNIST classifier" workflow...which is under 02_Keras; but there are 3 nodes are missing and I could not load their extensions:

1-DL Python network creator.

2-DL Keras Netwrok Leaner

3-DL network executer


I am using KNIME 3.4.1

any help please


Dr.Omran Badarneh

Thu, 03/01/2018 - 09:46

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9 years 2 months


Hello Dr.Omran Badarneh,

the Keras nodes are only available for KNIME Analytics Platform versions > 3.5. You can update your installation and then you'll be able to install the Keras extension. Please see also

I hope this helps,