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Duplicate cell values in rows on condition

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Hello, Knime!

I've been trying to automate the simple excel stretching function: when values are scaled throughout the rows till the trigger happens. 

I have a table of values. Every row is a temporary results of some technological process. Every time the process finishes one step the value "400" in second row is created, and "X2" is written in the first row. X2 rows come through not fixed intervals.

X1 - 700 - 20170601T05:48:04

X1 - 904 - 20170601T05:48:05

X2 - 915 - 20170601T05:48:06

X1 - 400 - 20170601T05:48:07

X1 - 870 - 20170601T05:48:07

X2 - 400 - 20170601T05:48:10

I need to add one column where unique ID will be written in every row till the step is finished, then the next unique ID is written. Like in the example below:

X1 - 700 - 20170601T05:48:04 - ID1

X1 - 904 - 20170601T05:48:05 - ID1

X2 - 915 - 20170601T05:48:06 - ID1

X1 - 400 - 20170601T05:48:07 - ID1

X1 - 870 - 20170601T05:48:07 - ID2

X2 - 400 - 20170601T05:48:10 - ID2

Non of the standard KNIME functions helped. Any suggestions?


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