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Where is Math Formula in SDK KNIME v3.4.1. ?

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Dear KNIME team,

I'm having problems installing the extension

KNIME Math Expression (JEP)    3.4.0.v201704201014

in KNIME v3.4.1. that I open through the Eclipse SDK.

I tried to install the extension through Eclipse > Help > Install new Software, however, using the update site, I only find the sources for Math Expression, but not the actual extension.

Is it possible that the Math Formula node that I'm missing is located in a different extension? For example, the other extension I was missing, KNIME Quick Forms, I found in the KNIME JavaScript Views extension.


The exact steps to reproduce the problem are as follows:

  • Start the SDK and run KNIME through it
  • Load example workflow 50_Applications > 16_MarketBasketAnalysis > 01_Build_Association_Rules_for_MarketBasketAnalysis
  • Warning message pops up reporting that the node Math Formula is missing. 
  • Installer suggests to install the item KNIME Math Expression (JEP) 3.4.0.v201704201014, which I then searched for in Eclipse.


Interestingly, I don't encounter the problem when I run the general KNIME Analytics Platform 3.3.1.

I'd greatly appreciate your help!




Mon, 09/18/2017 - 04:37

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You cannot install extensions in KNIME when started from the SDK. Instead you have to add the extensions to the target platform in the SDK.