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Modifying IC50 Plots using Dose Resonse Node from HCS tools within Knime

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1 year 5 months sant_ashu

Hi There,

I have plotted some IC50 Plots using the Dose Resonse Node from HCS tools within Knime.

In order to show them nicely in the Excel i would like to:

1. Change the Legend position.

2. Increase the Lables font size.

3. Increase the fitted line width.

4. Add IC50 Line.

So could you give me some ideas about where I have to modify these in the R-Template.





Thu, 04/27/2017 - 01:05

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sorry for the late reply.

As a part of the R-code comes with the plugin-java-archive, there is no easy way to modify these thing. How familiar are you with R?