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Knime 3.4.1 can't find installed Erlwood nodes

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2 years 7 months Toushi68

windows X 64 bits, can see the packages are installed from Installed Software

  Erlwood Knime Open Source Cheminformatics    3.3.0.v201701271222    Erlwood

  Erlwood Knime Open Source Core    3.3.0.v201701271222    Erlwood

However, can NOT find the nodes from Node Repository under name erlwood.

Anyone knows reason or do I missed anything?


Tue, 10/17/2017 - 09:39

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2 years 7 months


Here is the error message from Knime error log:

ERROR LoadWorkflowRunnable            Errors during load: Status: Error: analyse_discriminante 2 loaded with errors
ERROR LoadWorkflowRunnable              Status: Error: analyse_discriminante 2
ERROR LoadWorkflowRunnable                Status: Error: Node "2D/3D Scatterplot" not available from extension "Erlwood Knime Open Source Core" (provided by "Erlwood"; plugin "org.erlwood.knime.core" is not installed)


Fri, 01/19/2018 - 11:21

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2 years 9 months


sometimes I have the same problem with knime version 3.5.1, the erlwood node are installed but not recognized. I don't know if there is some incompatibility with other nodes