On the following page you can find nightly builds of KNIME Analytics Platform - these builds are generated directly from our development branch once a night (otherwise they would be daily builds?) and are a great way of finding out what's coming up in the next regular release. They are a terrible way to do real work, hence please read the following disclaimer before proceeding:

Really, really, really important disclaimer

This is most definitely not production quality code. These nightly builds are what we use internally to validate and test recent developments, so they are not tested as thoroughly as standard KNIME releases. Furthermore new nodes or functionality may change substantially (or disappear entirely) from one build to the next. It’s even possible that workflows you edit or create with nightly builds stop being readable by future (or past) versions...

These nightlies are a great way to get a sneak peek at what may be coming in the next version of KNIME and provide feedback and suggestions. They are not a particularly safe way to do real work.

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