Zürich, KNIME Users Meetup, September 2014

- Fortran Room Technopark, Technoparkstrasse 1, Zürich

This is the first KNIME User meetup for the Zurich community!

As first topic we have chosen to explore the integration between R and KNIME and how to use the two tools together to take advantage of both.For this meetup we have two exceptional speakers.

Aaron Hart from KNIME - who is the lead support engineer for KNIME - will show how to exploit the R graphical libraries from KNIME to build reports with outstanding pictures. In the process, he will also show how to integrate R inside a KNIME workflow, either for data processing, graphical plots, machine learning, and more.

Francesco Civardi from the DaisyLabs – who is a well-known data scientist - will talk about integrating cutting edge R libraries with the user friendliness of KNIME data analytics.

For KNIME newbies, at 17:30 just before the meetup starts, there will be a 45min crash tour highlighting the main KNIME features in 2.10.

There will also be plenty of time for questions, discussions and informal chats over small bites and drinks. The meetup is free and open to all KNIME interested people!

For the agenda, registrations, and any more information, please check the meetup web site.