Webinar "What is new in KNIME 2.10" (Online Training) - July 2014

- online webinar (webex instructions will follow)

The recording of this webinar has been uploaded on Youtube and you can find it at http://youtu.be/jHOUMbKjum8.

Please, notice that this is the original recording with audio quality issues due to some problems with the Internet we experienced during the webinar. We will publish in the next two weeks the same recording with a newly recorded audio and smaller videos extracted from the main recording. So stay tuned on the KNIME TV channel on Youtube or follow us on Twitter @KNIME for news on this subject.

The workflows used for the webinar are available on the EXAMPLES Server under 060_Webinars/Whats_New_in_2.10.


The release of KNIME 2.10 is coming closer!

Would you like to know about the new introductory page? Or about the database nodes for powerful DB queries and dedicated connections? Or the new distance functions? Or about any of the many new features introduced in KNIME 2.10?

Then you really need to attend this webinar on July 10th at 6pm (18:00 CET)!


Time: 18:00 (Central Europe)

Duration: 1 hour (+ time for questions)

Cost: None


Registrations for the webinar are now closed.