Teaching Data Science in High School with KNIME

November 15, 2023 - Online
Teaching Data Science in High School with KNIME

Data Science goes to high school!

Yes, you read correctly! The next step in innovation is to bring data science to the high school classroom. The KNIME Education team has created teaching materials to help high school teachers introduce data science to their students without the need to learn how to code (if they do not want to).

The materials are collected and packaged for easy reuse in your classroom, and the free and open-source KNIME Analytics Platform allows your students to enter the world of data science without the need of coding.

Join this webinar to learn about the material and to explore ways to adapt it to your classroom.


Will I be able to ask questions?

Absolutely - fire away!

Where do I find the latest version of KNIME Analytics Platform?

Download the latest free, open source version of KNIME here: knime.com/download.

What other resources will help me to get started in KNIME?

What are you looking for?