Meetup on Industry 4.0, Big Data Analytics & Augmented Intelligence - Stuttgart

September 25, 2017 - Kelter Uhlbach, Uhlbacherstr. 221, 70329 Stuttgart

Come to Stuttgart for an evening of Industry 4.0, Big Data Analytics and Augmented Intelligence - September 25, 2017.

Industry 4.0 addresses highly intelligent connected systems that create a fully digital value chain, enabled by the Industrial Internet of Things. Data acquisition, data blending and advanced analytics of its always-on data streams will play a crucial role in boosting targeted improvements and systemic adjustments to production processes, product designs and other continuous improvement efforts. But beyond data analytics the created insights need to be transformed into actions – on the shop floor. That’s where augmented reality comes into play. With augmented reality applications manufacturing operations employees can directly show all of the problems to maintenance teams and quality engineers. They can view KPIs in real-time, receive anomaly alerts as well as diagnose and resolve the issue without interfering with production.

Thomas Gabriel of KNIME will provide a KNIME Software Update - including a glimpse at what is new in the most recent release of KNIME Analytics Platform.

The next talk, "Orchestrating a proprietary endurance qualification system for HV batteries“, by Maximilian Mücke of ACCUmotive, presents how KNIME accelerates the analysis of big data streams generated during battery endurance tests.

Big Data Analytics in Industrial Data Spaces” demonstrates how machine learning can increase industrial productivity and how it can drive Industry 4.0 initiatives. The talk also addresses where machine learning stands in most of the shop floors today and where it can take us, all from a manufacturing perspective (with examples of applications in KNIME and DATATRONIQ).

The final talk on "Augmented Intelligence with DATATRONIQ, KNIME & Microsoft HoloLens“, by Jürgen Walter of DATATRONIQ, presents a future approach, how insights created by analytics applications, can be blended and displayed at the point of execution for condition monitoring and quality insurance applications.

The meetup closes with a panel discussion about the role of augmented intelligence in future data-driven shop floors and its relevance for Industry 4.0 initiatives.

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  • 17.30 Registration
  • 18.00 Welcome and Introductions – Stefan Weingaertner (DATATRONIQ)
  • 18.05 KNIME Open Source Story and what’s new in KNIME Analytics Platform – Thomas Gabriel (KNIME)
  • 18.30 Orchestrating a proprietary endurance qualification system for HV batteries with KNIME, Maximilian Mücke (ACCUmotive)
  • 19.00 Big Data Analytics in Industrial Data Spaces with DATATRONIQ & KNIME – Stefan Weingaertner (DATATRONIQ)
  • 19.20 Utilization of Big data prediction and scoring methods in classical quality environments – Thomas Zipf (ContiTech MGW)
  • 19.50 Augmented Intelligence with DATATRONIQ, KNIME & Microsoft HoloLens and how they blend on the shop floor – Jürgen Walter (DATATRONIQ)
  • 20.10 Panel Discussion: Augmented Intelligence – the future of the data-driven shop floor? (Christoph Hartmann (flexis AG) & KNIME Meetup Speaker)?
  • 20.30 Networking & tasting of regional wines.